Having extended my role in management over the last few years, I wanted to start jotting down some of my learnings in this series. As you move into a management role, there are a few characterstics to keep in mind, and how to eventually scale yourself out.

Management is more of an art, that needs patience and experience to build your skills. There are a lot of resources out there, and I would suggest the following books for anyone who wants to get started:

  • Leading Change
  • The Manager’s Path

What makes a good manager?

At a high level there are three essential characterstics which form the baseline for any tech manager.

  • He/She is generally able to retain talent in their team (i.e. does not have high attrition)
  • He is largely able to adhere to his product/delivery timelines
  • And last but most importantly, he is actively interested, and does a good job of grooming individuals within his team.

What to expect from a manager?

  • One on One’s
  • Feedback and Workplace Guidance
  • Training and Career Growth